Let's do Maths, Maths apps for iPad

Learning Maths

iPads are everywhere and are being used for everything. Schools have bought them fifty at a time. The way we learn is changing. We no longer simply learn at school; we can learn anywhere and at any time.

The authors

Two authors, Michael and Robert, have put their skills together and are writing apps that will help students in primary and secondary schools to learn and practise their Maths. Michael recently retired after forty years teaching Maths and is the author of TVT - The Virtual Textbook used in hundreds of schools in the UK and many more abroad. Robert is a programmer and is bringing his rich experience to writing these exciting apps. 

What's coming next?

The apps we write next will largely depend on what you want to use to help you either teach or learn Maths. We know that teachers will use these at school as much as parents will encourage their children to use them at home. So please tell us the topics you want to see in an app soon.